• ITC Services & Consulting

    System & Network Administration | LAN, WI-FI, WAN, Network Security | Networks Design & Deployement | Windows Servers Management | Apple and Windows Clients Management | Procurement | Full ICT Consulting

  • IT Services for Healthcare

    Bioinformatics and Clinical Engineering | Hospital Information Systems | PACS Clinical Imaging Systems | Medical Devices management, deploying and enterfacing | CME e-platforms for continuos education in medicine (ECM)

  • Database Administration

    Database administration on RDBMS : MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle

  • Web Platforms & More

    CMS platforms installation & management | WordPress web sites development | E-learning platforms | E-learning for CME (Continuos Medical Education) | DEM (Direct Email Marketing) solutions | Web surveys platforms and data management | Full stack PHP & web development (in partnership) | Social media management

  • Education

    Tutoring in Computer Sciences and Technologies | Technical writing

  • Multimedia

    Photo and Video production & editing | Aerial photograpy and video (EASA certified drone pilot)

  • Association Management

    No-profit associations and scientific societies full management, administration and secretariat

  • 3D Prototyping and Laser Engraving

    Simple 3D Prototyping | 3D Printing | Laser Engraving and Cutting | CNC Tools

  • Remote Quick Support

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We are a network of senior professionals ready to work on your next hi-tech project. 

Alberto Visconti

Computer Engineer, Consultant, Senior System Admin

ICT Engineer, Consultant, System & Network Administrator on Microsoft platforms, Google Trusted Photographer, EASA A1-A3, A2 - Critical Operations (CRO) UAS / Drone Pilot

Curriculum Vitae

Daniele Santonastaso

Senior System Admin, DBA, Developer (Partner)

Senior system administrator on Microsoft platforms | Database administrator on Oracle, DB2 and SQLServer databases in mission critical scenarios.

Susanna Fusi

Senior Art Director, Graphic & Web Designer (Partner)

Senior Art Director, Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Associated

Domenico Valentino

Computer Engineer, Senior Java & PHP Developer (Partner)

Computer & Web Engineer, Senior full stack Java and PHP Developer on LAMP and more platforms

UAS / Drone Pilot

EASA certified Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) / Drone Pilot. Certifications:
  • ENAC/EASA A1-A3 Nr. ITA-RP000018893ACA
  • DAC/EASA A1-A3 Nr. ITA-RP01721cb2bb10
  • ENAC/EASA A2 Nr. ITA-RP-000000641abd
  • ENAC IT-STS-018591 (Scenari Standard)
  • RDW/EASA A2 Nr. NLD-RP-bldc421f5jbb

Drone Flot

Our drone flot is composed by 4 different DJI UAS (with weight from 1,3 Kg to 249 g – suitable for urban contexts). 

Photo & Video


Alberto Visconti

Via Glisente, 6 – Castelletto Sopra Ticino (NO) – ITALY

C.F. VSCLRT77T31B300R – P.IVA (Italian VAT) 02055210039

Mail: alberto.visconti (at) | PEC: alberto.visconti (at)


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